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The Skills Group is a dynamic, 100% female owned and managed Empowered Micro Enterprise  boasting a network of experts and professional project managers, learning and business consultants and technical specialists in Skills Development processes and implementation. 

Our Background

The Skills Group will assist organisations to unlock benefits legislated by Skills Development regulations. Creating a platform of partnership in response to the youth unemployment crises.

Our approach is to customise solutions in-line with your HR strategy that will add value to your organisation by finding skilled employees while meeting the youth employment agenda of the government.

Our solution enables you to access the rewards offered through tax benefits and government incentives, resulting in improved operational efficiencies.

The President of South Africa launching the YES Foundation in response to high levels of unemployement. The Skills Group in in support of the President’s initiative, and not a duplication of the YES Foundation role. Our focus is on customised solutions aimed at Small and Medium sized enterprises.

The current legislation allows for the creation of opportunities with most companies and individuals not understanding the benefits.

Hence, the need to unlock new opportunities and create a platform partnership in response to youth unemployment.


To become the lead partner to small and medium enterprises in the creation of more than 5000 job and entrepreneurship opportunities, in sectors that support self-employment within communities.


To create innovative solutions and partnerships to assist in alleviating the crises of unemployment, build entrepreneurship opportunities and grow community development initiatives especially geared towards small and medium businesses.


To create opportunities for employees to gain much needed skills, and to alleviate unemployment by creating job opportunities. By leveraging the government’s current legislative framework.

Enabling Employment Through Innovative Solutions

The Skills Group (Pty) Ltd is proudly part of the Edge Group of Companies